Hello. Welcome to my blog. 
I am Yujung Kim (pronounced as Yujeong Kim). I am high school senior from Korea. I have a main blog with my twin sister Yumi which is Yumi and Yuji. I post more random stuffs here. 

I love reading and watching movies. I basically love the stories. So when I watch movie or drama or read book I enjoy them if the story is lovely and happy ending is my favorite kind of story.

My favorite books are Princess Diaries, Little Women, Daddy Long Leg, Anne of Green Grable, Looking for Alaska, Anna and the French Kiss, Pride and Prejudice, Virgin Blue and so much more. I enjoy books like Harry Potter or Maze Runner as well but the ones that I love are these sort of girly books. Books makes me feel happy and calm. Not just reading but looking at them also helps me so much.
My favorite movies are The Sound of Music, Clueless, Legally Blonde, Pitch Perfect, Mission Impossible(all the series).
I cannot choose my favorite TV shows because literally it is more than half of what I have seen. 

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